Two Days Of Sessions

Two days of skill shares and workshops rounded out with panels lead by industry driving practitioners

Day One
December 3, 2019
Day Two
December 4, 2019
9:30 - 10:30
Design for Diversity™: Cultural Strategies for Inclusive Content
In this multimedia and energizing talk, participants are introduced to the mindset and key principles of Design for Diversity (D4D), a powerful framework that illuminates cultural and racial biases in how you ideate, strategize and design content, experiences, and products before they are embedded into the final output. The D4D framework invites us to think strategically and intentionally about how we design and who we design with - with an emphasis on partnering with folks from misrepresented communities, and sharing these strategies within their broader teams to create culturally responsive outcomes and expanded reach.

Boyuan Gao, Co-founder - Project Inkblot // Jahan Mantin, Co-founder - Project Inkblot

10:30 - 11:15
You’re A Talented Creative: Now what? - Connectedness Activity
Creative Theory, the agency behind FOREGROUND, hosts an interactive hour to connect with fellow creatives, share ideas, and build community.

Ashlee Green, Sr. Manager - Creative Theory Agency

11:30 - 12:15
Corporate, Agency, And Creative: Understanding Where You Fit In
The creative journey is complex and nuanced. From the boardroom to the drawing-room, the creative process is about seeking insights, building relationships, and forming transformative ideas. In this session, we’ll discuss selection and partnership models between corporations and creatives, and how creatives can capitalize on the right moments to win fruitful long-term creative work.

Alex Hill, Account Supervisor - Team Epiphany // Nicky Chulo, Art Director - Atlantic Records // Mecca Williams, Diversity & Inclusion Marketing Lead, Marketing Ops and Agency Management - Google // Alix Montes, Sr. Account Supervisor - Wunderman Thompson Health

12:30 - 1:30
1:30 - 2:00
Lightning Round
Six minutes. Three brand leaders. One impactful discussion about the ways storytelling, representation, and culture show up in their products, services, and work.

Jerome Frederic, ACD/Art Director - Capital One // Leah Chamberg, Agency Copywriter - Capital One // Yurri Mial, Sr. Design Manager - Under Armour // Amira El-Ghawly, Founder - Manifesta

2:15 - 3:00
A Guide To Designing Your Future
In this interactive session, Jezz Chung shares her journey transitioning from account management, to copywriting, to creating a new role at Anomaly as their first ever Diversity & Engagement Lead through intentional action. This session will empower creative spirits with a framework for manifesting your dreams into reality to design a future based on your unique superpowers.

Jezz Chung, Diversity + Inclusion Lead - ANOMALY

3:15 - 4:00
Activism Through Storytelling And Content
Activists have always been the narrators of their community. They challenge the status quo by creating safe (and unsafe) spaces for dialogue and experience. Learn how storytelling is a powerful force to drive change.

Victor Nguyen-Long, Creative Director - ACRONYM // Adrian Octavius Walker, Brand Marketing Specialist - VSCO // Lanae Spruce, Sr. Director and Digital Strategist - iOne Digital // DeRay Mckesson, Author, Activist, Educator

4:15 - 5:00
Culture Leaders: Paving The Way With Purpose And Community
There are followers, and there are leaders. This session pairs two well-known change-makers who made a mark on their industry by taking making bold cultural statements. Learn how they led their companies to success by infusing unabashed moments of culture into their brand strategy.
5:00 - 7:30
Happy Hour, Hosted by Google
Toast, Musical Performance & More
9:30 - 10:00am
Bottom Line And Beyond: The Future of Culture And Brand Strategy
More than ever before, consumers are in control of how they engage with the brands they love. Long gone are the days of ambiguous brands who put profit over people, the new vanguard of brand strategy is purpose driven and humanized. In this Executive Chat we explore the future of brand strategy, and how companies like Marriott are showing who they are, and what they believe by focusing on culture and community from a global perspective.

PJ Rivera, VP of Planning & Services - Marriott Hotels // Aerica Shimizu-Banks, Public Policy And Social Impact - Pinterest

10:15 - 10:45
Workshop (A) Scaling A Digital Community: Growth That Means Something
Today, real connection goes way beyond face-to-face interactions. From the work we do to the brands we engage with, people today crave real authentic connection. Learn how to scale your digital community, fostering meaningful intentional conversations that gives your community a reason to care about and share your message.

Rolanda Evelyn, Product Marketing Manager, Public Figures + Fashion & Beauty - YouTube // Anisa Benitez, Brand Marketing Manager - YouTube Music

10:50 - 11:20
Workshop (B) The Diversity Spectrum: More Than Color And Content
True diversity goes way beyond demographics. It’s bigger than checking off race and gender boxes. From age to veteran status to family structure to weight, join the discussion on the importance and value of elevating the voices and visibility of people who fall outside the corporate diversity spectrum.

Mackenzie Thomas, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion PMM, Consumer Apps - Google
// Florian Koenigsberger, PMM, Engagement Marketing - Google

11:30 - 12:15
Bigger Than Branding: Owning Your Identity And Purpose As An Entrepreneur
The future is freelance. Modern work is no longer tied to 9-to-5 office life. And more than ever, creatives are aligning their work to causes and purposes bigger than themselves. Learn why establishing a unique personal brand is important and how it can get you and your work noticed in a saturated space.

Torrence & Thurman Thomas, Founders - Tankproof // Hilton Carter, Plant & Interior Stylist And Author // Bridget Kyeremateng, Social Impact lead - Tumblr // Kristin Therese, Co-founder - Inside Projects

12:30 - 1:30
1:30 - 1:45
Lightning Round
Six minutes. Three brand leaders. One impactful discussion about the ways storytelling, representation, and culture show up in their products, services, and work.

Jason Bass, Principal CEO - The Night Brunch // Selena Hill, Digital Editor - Black Enterprise Magazine
Time: 1:30 - 1:45

2:15 - 3:00
(A) Knowledge Share, Measuring Impact: Why Your Community Needs Your Ideas
Trying to be what you can’t see is hard. And because multicultural and underserved communities are underrepresented in media, politics, and beyond, we must create space, community and movements to be seen and heard. Explore the process and importance of growing and sustaining these communities and movements for long term cultural impact.

Shelly Bell, Founder and CEO - Black Girl Ventures

2:15 - 3:00
(B) Knowledge Share, Up From Nothing: Pooling Resources To Complete A Project
If you want to go far, go together. Join for a discussion on the myriad ways collaboration, talent and resource sharing can help photographers and cinematographers expand their capabilities, scale their business, and do better work.

Joseph Adamu, Creative Director - Sunday School

2:15 - 3:00
(C) Knowledge Share, Accountable Art & Design
Our spaces, tools, and lifestyles say a lot about us. Our design decisions should mirror the broad range of human knowledge and experience to mitigate natural human bias. Enter the designer: tasked with creating a physical experience that matches how we think, feel, and respond. Hear from design professionals, with expertise ranging from product design to architecture to civil engineering, about both the innocent and the insidious effects of design bias.

Temi Coker, Co-founder - COKER STUDIO

3:15 - 4:00
Creative Theory Agency: Finding Ways To Be Found
Since its inception in 2015, Creative Theory Agency has grown from a creative upstart to a leading multicultural digital agency, helping some of the world's largest global brands communicate and build inclusive, culture-forward content and experiences. In this session, Creative Theory founders Tamon George and Gary Williams share their evolution from cold emails to big boardroom pitches and the lessons they learned on both sides of those walls.

Tamon George, Co-founder - Creative Theory Agency // Gary Williams, Co-founder - Creative Theory Agency // Clarice Metzger, Creative Strategist - Thrive Global

4:00 - 5:00
Portfolio Review
Registration Required Via Time Slot
[Why You're Coming]
Welcome to FOREGROUND - An inclusive summit for creative entrepreneurs.

Built by Creative Theory Agency, FOREGROUND is a creative summit designed for a diverse group of entrepreneurs and next-generation inclusive thought leaders. FOREGROUND facilitates a deeper understanding of how unique multicultural value propositions and ideas fit into the broader marketing and storytelling landscape.

FOREGROUND was founded on the belief that today’s marketing, creative, and social landscape is primed for young leaders to emerge with scaleable concepts, campaigns, and communities.


Join us, in our second year of FOREGROUND as we continue to shape inclusive and equitable partnerships, while providing access and opportunity to all attendees. This summit has been crafted to go beyond inspiration, giving all attendees tangible take aways to immediately implement into their work.

[What you need to know]
Quick Facts

An Experience Customized For You

Two days of content created to facilitate dialogue, networking, and skill-sharing. Attendees can self-select workshops and knowledge share that are outside of their cohort.

This is Professional Development

This event at is core is professional skill development. Email to inquire about ways to have your employer pay for you to attend.

Creatives For The Culture

This year attendees come from diverse creative groups who understand their position as culture moves and shifters. This group of 150 attendees are creatives who understand their craft and are ready to take their skills to global brands.

Know Your Neighbor

Each day, experiences have been designed to ensure that all attendees have access to each other, their work, and their creative purpose. This is community you'll want to meet In Real Life.

Count Every Second Until We Start

Who Should Attend

FOREGROUND is designed for early to mid stage creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take their creative concepts to global brands.

FOREGROUND is designed to create an intimate setting for dedicated creatives to network, share ideas, collaborate, and develop the necessary skills to elevate their creative outputs.

For this years  FOREGROUND summit, 4 cohorts have been created to facilitate specialized programming and cross-skill interactions. It is our believe that the people who share this space, can work with each other, know each other, and creative opportunities to work together long after the summit is over.

Designers of all forms who build media or experiences for diverse audiences.

Graphic Designers + Illustrators + UX & UI + Experience Design + Mixed Media Designers

Photographers & Cinematographers
Visual artists that produce deliverable content.

Film & Digital photographers + Cinematographer storytellers

Community Builders
For The Culture Storytellers For Change

Activists + Organizers

You're Creative, And You're Winning

Freelancers + Side Hustlers + About To Take The Leapers
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Invest In Yourself

FOREGROUND Summit exists to prime creative entrepenures to take their ideas to center stage with global brands. The summit has been developed and curated to give attendees access to best practices and process that will leave them with tangible takeaways to implement into their work.

We firmly believe that cost should not be a prohibitive factor of who can attend. FOREGROUND has been priced to give access and opportunity to those who want, and seek it.

[Two Days + All Access]

Two Days

+ Access to 6 panels, 3 workshops, 3 knowledge shares

+ Happy Hour hosted by Google

+ Guest Haus Content Lounge

+ Access to attendee database

+ Workshops lead by leading Google creatives

+ Creative consulting & Portfolio Review

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97% of 2018 attendees said the conference was ‘better’ or ‘way better’ than similar events.

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